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Meet Voccii.

Our team has experience in hundreds of industry segments, and we are passionate about using research to make our clients smarter and more competitive.

When you work with VOCCII®, you’ll get a highly skilled team with deep experience in marketing, product launch, process re-engineering and corporate strategic planning. Not to mention, dedication, creativity, and relentless attention to detail.

Gayle Ireland

Voccii Co Founder

VOCCII® co-founder Gayle Ireland has over 30 years of market research experience on both the supplier and client side.

Gayle holds an MBA and an Insights Professional Certification (IPC) awarded by the national Marketing Research Association. The IPC distinction is earned and maintained through rigorous testing and education, making her a unique and exclusive asset to businesses.

Gayle is in high demand nationally as a focus group moderator and she regularly consults with national and international brands such as Britax, Char-Broil, Bojangles, Duke Energy and the YMCA.

Gayle’s specialties & unique talents include:

• B2C and B2B research
• Qualitative and quantitative methodologies
• Focus group moderation
• Discovering and developing new product lines
• Opening untapped markets with new customer bases
• Reshaping marketing practices in entire categories
• Pricing analysis and design
• Package design
• Uncovering shopper and decision-making behaviors
• Product development, launch and evaluation


Mary Johnson

Voccii Senior Analyst

Mary Johnson has more than 20 years’ experience in market research, communications, marketing, consulting, project management and customer service. She holds a degree in Business from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Mary has developed and implemented projects for advertising and brand tracking as well as corporate reputation and product research. In her current role with VOCCII®, she leads customer satisfaction studies and serves as senior analyst on many other projects.

Mary’s specialties & unique talents include:

• Consumer panels
• Sampling
• Questionnaire design
• Survey programming and implementation
• Qualitative and quantitative analysis & reporting
• Online focus group design and moderation
• Product research


Joann Barnard

Voccii Senior Analyst

Joann Barnard has an MBA and more than 20 years of market research experience as both supplier and client. Whether it’s finding respondents for a tough niche or digging in the data, Joann won’t stop until she gets to the solution. As a project leader, she has helped companies evaluate their corporate image, measure and improve customer satisfaction, assess market size and competitors, and plan & evaluate new product concepts.

Her background spans industries including building/construction, shipping/logistics, restaurant, retail, financial services, telecommunications, and scholarly & scientific research support products.

Joann’s specialties & unique talents include:

• B2C and B2B research
• Qualitative and quantitative methodologies
• Quantitative research design and implementation
• Survey and questionnaire design
• In-depth and executive interviews
• Analysis and reporting
• Secondary Research

As you can see, we are really into data! But don’t worry, we speak “human”.

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