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The VOCCII® team is dedicated to our core values of Intelligence, Integrity, Creativity, Accuracy, and Insight. Each and every project Voccii takes on gets our full commitment to your satisfaction. See what our past clients have said about Voccii's service, and how our superior values shine through:

Pam Everett

S&D Coffee & Tea

"The research from Voccii has been very helpful and we are planning on launching the strongest flavor profiles from our survey in the next couple of months. Thank you again for your support and hopefully we can work together on another project soon!"

Michelle Zeller

Amerock (Cabinet and Drawer Hardware)

"[Voccii is] thorough, thoughtful, and sharply astute in identifying the KEY and important data that will drive future impact for the brand. The only disappointment you'll experience is if you DON'T hire them. They are top-notch."

Elizabeth Sipes

Britax (Juvenile Products)

"We gained a lot of great insight last time…we’ve used the data in many meetings and the customers seems to appreciate us coming in with that kind of knowledge."

Todd Powers

tesa tape (Adhesive Manufacturer)

"Thrilled to say the reports look great. The survey is a large part of our Automotive Supplier TS/ISO certification and the auditors were VERY impressed! "

At VOCCII®, we are business leaders focused on raising your bottom line. We pride ourselves in our ability to consistently bring value and insight into the marketing direction of your business. Below you will find some of our case studies, to serve as an example of what we will be able to do for your company.

Not Another Copycat
– Differentiating Yourself in a Commoditized Market

Industry: Office Supplies

Summary: A leading name in paper & printing supplies hoped to differentiate itself from another, even bigger player. In a commoditized market with little to no differentiation between products “at shelf”, standing out was a critical challenge for this brand’s relaunch.

  •  Discovered a previously invisible untapped market
  •  Informed a new market position for the legacy brand among dealers & channels
  •  Data led to innovative new packaging engineering, design and messaging
  •  Showed areas where the newer brand could differentiate and command price premium



Getting into the Grind
– Breaking into New Markets

Industry: Culinary Tools

Summary: An established premium brand from the UK aimed to break into the US market with their fresh ground salt and pepper mills. Sales lagged at first as the brand struggled to “get into the grind” of the American sector. They realized that they needed to learn more about the distinct attitudes and habits of American shoppers.

Approach: Through multi-phase, qualitative and quantitative research, Voccii® pinpointed key attitudes and shopping behaviors as well as mapping the path to purchase.

  • Discovered unmet needs throughout the buyer journey.
  • Redesigned packaging to appeal to American sensibilities.
  • Revised shelf strategy to include a self-serve demo of the product meant to quell shopper uncertainty.

Our research resulted in a successful market launch for this brand, and channels are consistently selling out.

Cutting the Cord in Lawncare
– Capturing Market Share

Industry: Yard Tools

Summary: A manufacturer of cordless lawncare products wanted to establish category leadership through a two-pronged approach: enticing new customers and capturing market share away from gas-powered product manufacturers.

Approach: Detailed quantitative and qualitative research involving customers within the category (current users of both gas-powered lawnmowers and cordless electric mowers).

  • Illuminated users’ concerns about cordless equipment as well as what they viewed as key benefits.
  • The brand used these insights to refine product lines and individual product features to match market needs.
  • Agency developed messaging and packaging to amplify the key benefits and drive switching from gas powered equipment.
  • Segmented potential customers into key customer groups.
  • Refined targeted messaging for each segment.

The brand is now a leader in the product category in the home improvement channel and is planning a complementary brand for other purchaser segments.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving
– Understanding User Motivations

Industry: Non-Profit

Summary: : Non-profit and philanthropic organizations depend heavily on ongoing membership and the donations of supporters. Thus, it’s critical that these organizations understand and cater to the motivations of long-term donors. That’s exactly what we did for one of America’s most respected and well-established organizations raising money for education, health, and financial stability in communities.

Approach: Conducted online focus groups targeting long-term donors (20+ years) to the organization.

  • Research revealed that ease of donation and automation were the top drivers of repeat donations
  • The organization adjusted messaging to focus more on these factors..
  • They created and expanded easy and automatic programs both for people with and without access to corporate donation programs.

VOCCII® has helped a number of non-profit and business organizations understand their markets and position themselves for continued success.

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